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Jemaa el-Fna

In Marrarkech, Morocco there is no place as must see as Jemaa el-Fna. This is a place I’ve become more familiar with in my two visits to Morocco. Here I’ve been lost, stranded, had snakes wrapped around me and monkeys thrown on me. Here is […]

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The Sunset Bar

Deep in the Amazon of Bolivia, at the edges of the jungle, lies a region known as the Pampas. The pampas is a labyrinth of narrow river channels criss-crossing through thick overgrowth. It’s teeming with wildlife from river dolphins to monkeys to alligators. Here in […]

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Day two on the trail over Mt. Salkantay, and down into the ancient city of Machu Picchu, was easily the longest and most exhausting of the five day trek. The day consisted of ten hours of trekking, four going up to reach the pass of […]

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Plaza de España

While looking for relief from the Sevilla sun this past summer, along with a a good place to eat our lunch, two friends and found the best picnic spot we could ask for. This is Sevilla’s famous Plaza de España, a marvel of revival renaissance architecture and popular […]

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Taking Flight

A throwback from back home. Few places in the world offer more spectacular coastline than my home state of Oregon. It may not have the warmest beaches or softest sand, but the entire Oregon coast is nothing short of a photographers paradise. Granted, the entire […]

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High Above

Just outside of Granada, Spain, where the city begins to give way to mountains, sits a cathedral. You can see this cathedral from nearly anywhere you may go in Granada, but reaching it is a bit tricky. It lies up the maze of narrow street, […]

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After the Storm

Normally I am not much of a landscape photographer. Don’t get me wrong, I do love taking pictures of beautiful places, but sometimes it seems there are only so many ways to shoot a sunset or pretty mountain and they’ve all been done. Photographing people–portrait […]

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One Night in Paris

When I traveled to Russia several years ago with the goal of writing a book, nothing quite went to plan. Between the food poisoning and the jail time one thing after another just seemed to go wrong. I needed to locate and meet certain people […]

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