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A Long Day’s End

Just outside of the mountain village of Nalma, Nepal, a group of young boys, back home on holiday from their schools in bigger cities, spent most of their days in the village toiling in a quarry and carrying rocks back to their village for construction. […]

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Daily Grind

A young Buhddist monk tackles his daily chores of polishing chalices. The small monastery in Pokhara, Nepal was filled with teenage monks in training, each going about their assigned tasks. Us visitors were unsure how the monastery felt about taking photos, but this kid and […]

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Day two on the trail over Mt. Salkantay, and down into the ancient city of Machu Picchu, was easily the longest and most exhausting of the five day trek. The day consisted of ten hours of trekking, four going up to reach the pass of […]

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