My name is Shawn Pittman, and I am a storyteller. All my life I thought I wanted to be a writer. It wasn’t until I took several photojournalism classes in college that I discovered my life’s passion is not so much writing as it is storytelling, and I had discovered another medium for that passion. Since then I have worked tirelessly to become a better storyteller through my photography. In the past three years I have traveled the world with my camera. From backpacking through Spain and Morocco, to shooting weddings in Romania, and hiking into remote mountain villages of India, I have worked to hone my skills as a photographer and tell the stories of the people I meet.

My greatest desire has become sharing stories of people from all of the world to anyone who will listen, and I work every day to become a more articulate storyteller with my photography. There is no greater reward than to be able use a person’s story to inspire and awaken others to the world around themselves.

I majored in Journalism and History at the University of Oregon, where I spent most of my time studying to be a writer. Other than those two photojournalism courses, I have mostly learned photography through years of practice and following the work of professionals in the field on my own time.

Our Story is an outlet for me to share some pieces of the stories of amazing people I’ve met and places I’ve visited all across the world, mostly through photos, but with some writing as well. I hope my photos almost as much as I enjoyed taking them.


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