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This is Yogastine. Yogastine, along with her sister, is one of 20 orphan kids living at the Real Hope tribal center in Tamil-Nadu, India. Poverty is a huge issue in this region, especially in the mountainous tribal villages. These kids are from tribal villages or nearby cities and are sent to the center by their families to live when parents simply cannot afford to take care of them any longer.

This was taken as the kids prepared for a picture day. Though she’s all grins around bubbles, water balloons, or her dolls, I soon discovered that Yogastine had some sort of affliction when it came to smiling in posed pictures. She showed this as I tried everything to get her to crack a smile in the pictures for the tribal center, with no luck. However, as Yogastine sat and waited peers to finished preparing for their pictures, she was more than willing to compromise and show the camera just a little of her fun side, by cracking the slightest smile. Maybe she was thinking of bubbles.


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