Taking Flight

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Oregon, Places

A throwback from back home. Few places in the world offer more spectacular coastline than my home state of Oregon. It may not have the warmest beaches or softest sand, but the entire Oregon coast is nothing short of a photographers paradise. Granted, the entire state is pretty spectacular when it comes to nature and the outdoors. You’ve got snowy mountains, serene lakes, lush valleys, and miles upon miles of forests, all basically in your backyard. Not all is perfect though. The weather can be anyone’s guess and change a dozen times on any given day. But on a lucky day, you’ll get to witness the limitless beauty Oregon has to offer, like this evening on the coast.

This picture was taken in the quaint little coastal town of Florence, one of my favorite places in Oregon, of a friend chasing seagulls up and down the beach. It was the first picture I ever shot that I felt good enough about to save for an eventual portfolio, my first dip into photography. It was taken before I owned my own camera, and this night was the first time ever I used a DSLR camera.

Most of the pictures I’ve posted are from travels all over the world, but Oregon will always be home, and it’s beauty is not lost on me.


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