The Morning Before

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People, Romania

Mike and I have been friends almost as long as I can remember. We were pretty much inseparable since 7th through our time as roommates in college. When we graduated Mike joined the Peace Corps, moved to Romania to teach English, met a Romanian girl named Orsolya, fell in love, and the rest is history. Mike had often discussed with me through the years the type of woman he hoped to one day marry, so I can say with quite a bit of confidence that he never imagined someone as great as Orsey being his bride.

Weddings in Romania are an event. I could only describe it to my friends back home by saying “We don’t even know how to throw a wedding in the States.” The wedding that would take place two days after this picture about a 500 person event lasting 14 hours, from 6 in the evening to 8 the next morning. You might not guess that such an event was hours away when looking at these casually strolling through Orsey’s family farm on the morning before their wedding.

Mike and Orsey (along with Orsey’s family) put on a spectacular celebration that had the residents of multiple villages lining the streets, and yet they found every chance possible to create moments like this one. The way they handled planning such an enormous wedding with patience and grace, took in an old college roommate and treated the stranger better than family, and still made sure they had time for morning strolls together like these was truly impressive.


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